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Patrizia deitos - Italy
Sarah Nebel - Norway
Karolina Kamberska - Czech Republic
Andrea Gerak - Hungary
Mimmi Siegel - Sweden

  the Czech song in the film "MADISON"

 Mother Tongue  
The international project "Mother Tongue" is an inimitable collaboration between Israeli composer and producer Effi Shoshani and female vocalists from different countries, who are, first and foremost, mothers.

The result is a collection of eight lullabies, sung in seven languages: Hungarian, Norwegian, Persian, Hebrew, Italian, Czech and Swedish. It took Effi five years to complete "Mother Tongue".

Karolina Kamberska's (Czech Republic) "Oh Love Love" was released as an introduction to the project. Karolina's singing, as with all "Mother Tongue" tracks, was recorded a-cappella in her homeland. Back in Israel, Effi worked in his studio editing, and adding music and backing vocals, creating a new shell around Karolina's voice.

"Oh Love Love" was uploaded onto both Karolinas and Effie's MySpace page, received many favorable reactions, and was discovered by an American film director.
The song, recorded in Prague and produced in Israel, was used in the soundtrack of the trailer for Madison.
"Oh Love Love" debuted at number 3 in the Czech Republic Radio 1 chart, remained in the Top 10 for 6 weeks.
A clip featuring Effi and Karolina working on the recording, and filmed in Prague and in Israel earlier in 2011, was uploaded onto the YouTube channel recently.

"Mother Tongue" was released in Israel on International Womens Day 2011.
The project received extensive coverage in the local electronic and print media.
The album booklet contains the lyrics of the songs, both in the original language as well as a translation into English.


1. Trollmors Song - Sarah Nebel (Elisabeth Endresen) (Norway) 6:45
2. Oh Love Love - Karolina Kamberska (Czech Republic) 6:36
3. Stars In A Bucket -Maya Avraham (Israel) 6:30
4. Lonely is The Bird - Andrea Gerak (Hungary) 5:08
5. Ninna Nanna A Aette E Venti - Patrizia Deitos (Italy) 6:17
6. Oh, Varmeland - Mimmi Siegel (Sweden) 5:23
7. There Is No Greater Sadness - Andrea Gerak (Hungary) 8:18
8. If only I wouldn't love you - Shain Zakeim (Persia) 7:18

9. Bonus Track
A Chant in the Lobby \ Oh Love Love - Karolina Kamberska 7:39

MOTHER TONGUE - the making of ..

About five years ago my wife and I spent four days in Budapest, capital of Hungary. As we strolled through a park, we heard a woman singing a-cappella. Her voice touched me. We chatted, and the singer / mother, Andrea, gave me a CD of song of her songs.

Back in Israel, I listened to the CD and was particularly attracted to one tune which, it turned out, was a lullaby. I took the a-cappella track, edited it, added music and backing vocals building a new shell for Andreas vocals and creating a new and more complete song.

I sent the song to Andrea and she was delighted. She uploaded "Lonely is the Bird" onto her Myspace page. I did the same. We got great feedback from around the world, including from other singers.

The second song that grew from Andreas CD made it to the top of the World Music chart in the UK; and the third went to #1 in the World Music chart in Portugal.

On a visit to the Czech Republic I contacted a local singer and invited her to join the Mother Tongue project, which was beginning to take shape in my mind.

I recorded Carolina in a hotel lobby in Prague, again, a-cappella. I worked on "Oh Love Love" in the same way as I had done with Andreas songs, and the story repeated itself

I was contacted by a number of mothers-singers from many different countries, all interested in joining the project.

The result of these numerous collaborations over five years is this collection of Eight lullabies sung in seven languages, all performed by singers who are, first and foremost, mothers.

For me, this was a wonderful experience, giving meaning to the cliche that the world is a small global village. Mother Tongue traverses continents, crosses borders and unites us all in a world of tranquility and melody.

Effi Shoshani