January 2013
  • First I want to thank all spectators and visitors. The Comments to my work in the country and abroad worming my heart.

  • At the end of December 2012 came on the stage of the National Theatre stage play "something good in the hand" starring Leah Kenig, a show that I wrote to music and edit the soundtrack.

  • In the end of July 2013, will be the big ceremony of the ending of the 19th Maccabiah. The show will be in the new stadium of the city of Haifa. During the last few weeks and after an argument, it was decided that I will be the musical manager of the show.

  • In early February exceed the Cameri theater play "punk rock." Simon Stephens's play, translated by Ido Riklin. Moses kepten directs the play and I will compos and editing music soundtrack.

  • In the end of February the famous comedian artist , Hana Laslo, Will be starting to run all over the country with her new show - "Laszlo". I am composing and editing the all soundtrack.

  • In the end of February a new show will open at "Mofa" theater. The show is "not to be sad" and is based on a true story from the holocaust. I will be responsible to compose new music for the play.

  • During the month of February a new show will be launched - "Singing with the movies". it is a new Israeli show which combines the best Israeli songs that are affiliated with Israeli films combination of radiation from any movie. I will do the all musical arrangements and the musical production.

  • Recently I started teaching at the theater school "the way" wich is Located in Givatayim. I'm very excited to give a little bit from my experience to the young generation.

  • The Country Band " The riders", which Gili Rosenberg and I produce and play in it, performs all over the country and details can be found on the band's website - www.harochvim.co.il

  • More news, updates and new projects will be reported later, after the end of winter, the and during the spring...

    August 2012
  • First and foremost I want to thank all spectators and visitors. The comments to my work in Israel and abroad warmed my heart.

  • Award Winning Composer of the Year 2011 \ 2012 in the plays of children and youth.
    Like every year, there is a nationwide competition, prizes, all categories of the theater industry related shows children and youth in the country. The competition was attended by the Culture Minister Limor Livnat . To my surprise, I take the first place for the music on the show "Finance Mount." A show that deals with the environment.
    Attached is a link to how the making of music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcCibU5Zq4g

  • In late May, I left the town of Terezin, which the Czech Republic, where, I composed most of the songs from the book "No Butterflies Here". I am currently resides in talks with production company about making a documentary movie which tells the story of the children of Terezin.My friend, the Czech singer Karolina Kamberska, who has worked with me at "Mother Tongue" project and who introduced me to the Czech ambassador in Israel, promised to give her voice to the project. www.karolinakamberska.cz

  • A new country music band, which I share business (with my friend, Gili Rozenberg) where I play and sing, was born. The band's name - " The riders", and we play and sing an Israeli songs from all of the times. www.harochvim.co.il

  • A new show at the National Theater "Habima". These days I'm working on new music theater show. Show that directed by Roy Horowitz. I have the honor and pleasure of working with legendary actress the first time, Israel Prize laureate, Leah Kenig. So it is my great pleasure to work with Tatiana Knlis Ollier which until today I worked with her as a director and the this is the first time I write music show where she plays. The play's temporary name is "my soul" ... The name seems to be replaced by "something good". Details to be follow.....

  • Last month, I finished the music came two major campaigns on television broadcasting. Campaigns have been produced by "Yoram Productions" (Yoram Ben-Yair). One is the campaign to the Ministry of Absorption and the other is a campaign to JNF. The JNF's campaign song has wonderful singer Ronit Apple and poetry performed Absorption Ministry campaign , none other than ... Amit Shoshani, my young boy ....

  • The play "Animal Farm" by George Orwell which I wrote the music and work with the brilliant directing Ran Shahaf, was chosen to represent Israel in Theater Festival at Macedonia.l. Details to be follow......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrmHc1IhUEQ

  • At May I was working with the director Shoki Wagner on a big ceremony in Jerusalem. We built the same incident musical presentation which consisted of songs that deal with Jerusalem. I was working with the grate singers : Ronit apple , Adar Hazan and Jonathan Paz Bbuganim. The event was broadcast live on the official TV channel and most positive feedback was received.

  • These days I'm working on a new instance. "Songs from the Movies". Musical performance that combines songs from the best Israeli films with examples from the movies. The show producer Rachel Shein Argaman and the singers are Michal Brand and Doron Oren. The show will go through September.

  • in the last 2 months I was working with the Kibbutz Dance Company on a new dance performance for children. I'm talking about "Thumbelina" in the theater production "Mofa". It was directed by Galiya Barry and Nirit Aharoni and the choreography mad by Limor Korkin.

  • More news, updates and new projects will be reported later, after the summer vacation.

    January + February 2012
  • As usual, I'd like to thank all of you wonderful people for visiting my site and posting comments. It means the world to me. Keep it up!

  • Gary Bilu Died a month ago. Gary Bilu, was the mythologist manager of the acting school "Beit Zvi". Gary is the man who opened the theater world for me. About 20 years I worked with him. Every day with him was another lesson for me.. May blessed. His memory.

  • THE VOICE - in the successful program on Channel 2 I've became the mentor of the "the shower song project", in the competition itself.
    Worth a watch - http://reshet.ynet.co.il/Shows/The_Voice_Israel/The_Shower_Song

  • The play "treasure mountain" which I wrote music for, was officially recognized by the EPA and be set in coming years as part of a comprehensive educational program on the subject with the Ministry itself and recommendation. At the same time, I released a clip that describes how i to was playing the music of the show. youtube

  • The mythological comedy "I'm here because my wife" is Renewed. I wrote music. And it was directed by Avishag Ziv (chocolate).

  • Another wacky comedy witch I wrote music is "the ass, and plump" This is the first play written by the actor Sharon Alexander and his playing with Katya Zimbris . Directed by Yigal Sachs.

  • Two months ago, Miriam Zohar, the Israel Prize laureate, was celebrate 80th birthday. The largest event was celebrated and produced by Beit Lessin. I conducted for the musical event, even though I composed the song "Girls stage" Dan Almagor, who wrote and performed six students from the School of Yoram Levinstein attached link youtube.

  • About a month ago came a performance of "Seeds of gum" which I made arrangements for the songs of Nahum Heiman and I also wrote music. Directed shulky Wagner and the play was written by Daniel Efrat and Idan Amit. The play is a project between Beit Lessin and Spring Valley. This week, the show start running across the country.

  • Difficult and important show "brimstone and treacle" (by Dennis Potter) increased in February as part of fringe theater. The show directed by a very talented young director -- Efrat Steinlauf

  • The play "Animal Farm" (by - George Orwell), directed by Ran Shahaf, is picking up speed on the stages in the country. In recent months, we published trailer abroad and it show a great interest, especially in the Far East.... Attached is a link to view - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrmHc1IhUEQ

  • Have a wet winter and warm to all. Effi.

    April 2011
  • As usual, I'd like to thank all of you wonderful people for visiting my site and posting comments. It means the world to me. Keep it up!

  • My project "Mother's Tongue" in association with the "Helicon" label was launched on March 8th (international women's day) in Israel. Reviews and sales are very good. It's available in major Israeli CD outlets and also on www.amazon.com. It will be released to Europe and the U.S in a few months.

  • I will be visiting Prague at the end of April to film the Czech singer Karolina Kamberska for a first clip to support the visual aspect of the album on Youtube, Mtv, etc...

  • The school of performing arts "Beit Zvi" will celebrate its 50th anniversary this month. As part of the celebration a TV special was filmed by the Israeli channel 2. The show salutes the school and it's graduates, and will air on prime time TV on the eve of the upcoming Israeli independence day. It was directed by my good friend Ronen Peled Hadad, and musically directed by me.

  • The play "The Treasure In The Mountain", written and directed by Hadas Kliederman, will premier this week on the children's theater festival in Haifa. To promote the ecological message of the play, I used sounds of different unusual objects otherwise known as "trash" (plastic bottles, glass jars, iron pipes atc.), sampled them onto my computer, and used them as musical instruments. For audio samples click here.

  • During the month of March I musically directed and played 25 shows of the Israeli musical "Ish Hasid Haya" at the Ramat-Gan theater. The musical was a great success and will play again this coming summer.

  • The TV series "Naor's Friends" to which I composed the score, aired this month on the Israeli channel 10.

  • The beginning of May would see the premier of another play I wrote the score to- "Sara" is a play dealing with unusually exiting life and death of Sara Aharonson, an Israeli spy who worked to help the British take the land of Israel from the Turkish Othman empire in the beginning of the 1900's. The play was directed by Dafna Angel.

  • More news to come shortly... Take care and have a lovely spring.

    November 2010
  • As usual, I'll start by thanking all of you that visit my site and post comments. It means the world to me! Keep it up :)

  • Summer is over. My family and myself have returned from a 21 day vacation trip to the U.S. it was a dream come true for me, and this trip cleared the way to the next dream. pics & notes from our journey to the pacific can be found here.

  • Jerusalem of Gold - My musical processing is taken for a short film that describes the Jerusalem in 100 years.
    Click here to watch.

  • The project "Mother Tongue". is moving on- the front cover design is completed and the good people at the "Helicon" label are now working on the inlay to the album which will appear in it's original language alongside a translation to English.

  • About a month ago I joined the creative cast of the Israeli TV show "ha'haverim shell naor" (Naor's friends). I compose and arrange the score music to the show. Also lending his talent- phenomenal Israeli guitar virtuoso Avi Singolda.

  • I'm currently working, with upcoming young director Daniel Efrat, on a re-make to the successful Israeli musical "Ish Hasid Haya" which premiered over 40 years ago. It's the only Israeli production that opened in Broadway as well, and gained success. The production will open in the Ramat-Gan theater on March 2011.

  • Last week I signed a working agreement with channel 8. I will be providing the music to a new series called "24 hours with…" directed by Roni Cuban.

  • I'm also currently working on a tribute show to the great late Israeli multi-talent Yossi Banay. This show is being written, narrated and sung by Mati Serry.

  • This past week I finished writing the music to a commercial for a unique Israeli cup-cake treat called "Krembo". It features two cup-cakes doing a sort of rap duet. The voice over was done by two 14 year old, very talented kids. You can check it out here. click here to watch.

  • The Israeli cellular company "orange" parted ways with one of it's directors this week. To commemorate this event I was hired by "super push" to compose a farewell song for him. After auditioning several employees I chose Noam Lapid and Hilla Gal to do the vocals on this track. Check it out here.

  • During the past month, my good friend Gili Rosenberg and I have founded a production company called "Goash". The idea behind this collaboration is to revive and celebrate the life and art of all of the old-time Israeli stage artists (some of them are no longer with us) in a series of tribute shows. Our tribute show roster consists of the Arick Lavi show, the Yossi Banaiy show, and a tribute to famous Israeli trios. We also have great plans for some other shows to follow.

  • More news to come shortly... Have a cool white snowy winter.

    June 2010
  • First of all, as usual, I'd like to thank you for visiting my website, and for your heartwarming comments.

  • Maya Avraham is the singer chosen to represent the Israeli aspect and the Hebrew language in my upcoming release "Mother's Tongue". Her song will be the last one in this project which will be released in September 2010, as planned by the Helicon record label. For more details on this project click here.

  • I have just finished writing the score for a new sitcom which will air in mid June on the Israeli channel 10. The sitcom is produced by "Hertzlia Studios" and directed by Roy Florentine. to listen - click here

  • "I'm flying" (Ahni Ahf in Hebrew) - the second single from my debut album, was released last week. I wrote the lyrics & music and did the lead vocal part as well… ?. I was joined by my friends Ronen Zel on guitars and Gili Rosenberg on bass. to listen - click here .

  • About two weeks ago the curtain closed on the stage musical "Our House", to which I did the musical arrangements and direction. This musical is based around many of the mythological hits by the 80's band- Madness. The energy level was high and positive both on stage and in the crowd. For pics & links- click here.

  • About six weeks prior to this, the curtain closed on a rock opera I did the arrangements to- "Rent". The musical complexities, along with the un-orthodox storyline, proved to be a bit challenging for the Israeli audience. For pics & links- click here.

  • The play "True Alarm", to which I wrote the music, premiered to intense responses from critics and crowd. My wife, Noga, plays a dramatic and emotional role in this production after being casted for many years to mostly comic parts.

  • The play "One Of The Guys" (again, music composed by yours truly) also claimed very good reviews and is expected to shine on during the upcoming season.

  • The play "The Animal Farm", directed by Ran Shahaf and scored by myself, continues to get great reviews in the media.

  • The play "Who Knows Amos Heffer", which premiered at the Beit Lessin Theater and was scored by me, also continues to gain momentum and success. It will feature on the theater's bill in the next season as well.

  • The show "All Of The Dreams" (a tribute show to Arik Lavee which I'm directing musically), continues to tour the country to excellent crowd responses. The talented Karen Hecht joined us recently and together we try to reach as many cities as possible. For video bits from this show- click here.

  • More updates to come soon! 'Till then- have a great summer and take care.

    November 2009
  • As usual, many thanks to all of you good people visiting my site on a regular basis. Thanks for your kind words and heartwarming posts!

  • I am currently putting the finishing touches to the classical musical "Annie" which will premier on Chanuka (mid Dec.) in the Ramat-gan theater. The play has a huge cast and the score will be played live on stage by myself and a group of close friends.

  • The official "Israeli award for children &youth theater" was held last week, and two of the winning plays were under my musical direction: "Letter for mom"- the "Mofah" theater, written & directed by Galiyah Be'erry. "True Commitment"- the Kibutz theater, written by Aviv Luz, directed by Eli Dor Haim.

  • The past few weeks saw the premier of two new plays I wrote the music for in the "Sifriah" theater in Ramat-Gan: "Best Friends"- directed by Etty Reznick, "headline"- directed by Mitco Bozcov

  • The play "Who Is Afraid Of Amos Heffer" (by the "Beit Lesin" theater, directed by Itzick seidof) to which I wrote the score, was voted as "The people's choice" and went into rotation in the theater's repertoire.

  • Radio stations are still playing my new released single "Logem Otach Kmoh Ma'im" (sipping you like water). I have a short clip posted until the full clip will be released to the Israeli music channel. Click here to watch the clip

  • The music show "Kol Ha'chalomot" (all of the dreams) will shortly be playing across Israel. It's a tribute show to one of the country's greatest male singers- Arick Lavie. The show was edited and directed by Shay Egozy, and musically directed by myself.

  • That's all for now. More updates to come soon.

    April 2009
  • First of all, as usual, I'd like to thank each & every one of you for your support and heartwarming comments.

  • The Israeli record label "Helicon" is showing interest in setting the ground for worldwide distribution of my "Mother Tongue" CD next year. This project is now 4 years in the making.

  • The play "The Never Ending Story", to which I wrote the score, was launched in a world premier last December.
    It's the first time ever that this famous story got a theatrical arrangement. It was a massive hit! The shows were packed. Pics and sound-bits are available here.

  • As in almost every year, the musical "hair" opened last February. I was in charge of the arrangements & musical direction. We played about 32 shows to a packed house and set a personal record in ticket sales for this production!

  • The play "100", to which I wrote the score, received a medal of honor at the Israeli fringe contest. The play is currently celebrating a year of shows in the "Tmunah" theater.

  • Two months ago I was invited by the Israeli/Bulgarian director Mitco Bojkov to write the score for the famous comedy "The Servant of Two Masters" which will be preformed by the National Bulgarian Theater company in the capital- Sofia.

    In the beginning of March I went there for 5 days to watch film & get involved in the rehearsal process. I then went back to Israel and wrote the entire score in 8 days. This kind of writing process is unfamiliar to me, as I had to write extra motives and musical numbers just to "be on the safe side", because if anything doesn't work I can't just go home and fix it, as normally do. After 8 days I went back to Sofia, and for 10 more days edited the material and taught the sound operators exactly how to use it. It was a thrilling and exiting project, and the snow that painted the beautiful city in white, added an extra touch.

    View the pictures from my journey to Sofia and listen to sound-bites from the play itself.

  • More updates to come really soon.

    November 2008
  • First of all, as usual, I'd like to thank all of you good people for visiting and posting comments on my site. Keep it up! During the past few months I've started producing a number of new projects:

  • I'm currently working on the music for three new films that will be shown at the annual "Habad" world convention that will take place in New-York city. It's the second year for me participating in the film score for this event.

  • A new play which I'm writing the music for, will premier this Hanuka at the Ramat-Gan theater. It is based on the best selling book & film "the never ending story", and will be the first time ever that this wonderful tale will appear on the theater stage. It will be a fantasy celebration for children & parents!

  • Two weeks ago, I was honored to compose, arrange and musically produce the opening number for the 10th birthday of the "Peres peace center". The event welcomed many heads of states from all over the world, including, of course, our own Mr. Shimon Peres. My song was named "Tfilah" (prayer) and was preformed in three languages, and we are now working to get it on MTV who were sponsoring the event. The singer is Shay Tzabari and the song can be heard right here on this site.

  • The "mother tongue" project- We are currently negotiating with a major Israeli label about releasing this project to Europe and the USA. A new song off this project was released a few weeks ago. It's sung by the Italian singer & model Patrizia deitos in Italian and can be hared on my world music page. Another new song is in the making these days- it will be preformed by Christina from the Canary Islands and will release in Israel and world- wide in the upcoming weeks.

  • I've produced & musically directed the national ceremony celebrating Israel's 60th Independence Day. In this project I was fortuned to work with Efrat Gosh & David Da'or. The event was quite a spectacle! Video bits from that wonderful evening can be seen on the site.

  • More new projects are in the making as I'm writing this. Look up for more updates really soon!
    Have a lovely winter & take care.

    March 2008
  • First of all, as usual, I'd like to thank everyone for your comments about the site and it's content. Your reactions are heart-warming!

  • Two weeks ago the contract between myself and the American production company "Madison" was finally singed. The company asked to use the Czeq song from my world music project in one of their movies. After all the paperwork, the deal is done and the movie will premier in the U.S and Europe in August 2008. A shot trailer with the song is available on my homepage.

  • This May, like last year, I'll musically direct the national memorial ceremony which will officially open the 60th Israeli independence day celebrations. Again, like last year, Ronen Peled Hadad is the director. The ceremony will air live on all the Israeli TV channels and it's main theme will be- children! Expect the unexpected…

  • The rehearsals for the musical "Hair" are almost completed. I am the musical director of this production, which will open in the Ramat- Gan theater on 15/3/08. The colorful stage will support a cast of 40 and a live band.

  • The play "Hundred" opened this week in the "Tmuna" theater to great reviews.

  • During the festival for political theater (held in the national "Habima" theater) I was privileged to write the score and design the soundtrack for a play called "what did we do to Waynstein". The production was directed by Shir Fraybach.

  • A new play under my musical direction premiered last week in the "Beit Zvi" school of the performing arts. It consists of two short absurd plays- "Pando and Liz" and "Picnic on the battlefield". Ran Shahaf is the director.

  • Another project I did which will premier this week in the "Beit Zvi" theater, is the play "As you would like me to be", directed by Mitco Bozkof.

  • Another play I wrote the music for will premier in mid March in the "MediaTech" facility in Holon. The play is based on the famous novel "Letters to Tzofia" and Aya Shva is the director.

  • In two weeks I'm about to start working on a new dance production. It's directed by Nir Erez and choreographed by Niv Sheinfeld.

  • In between productions, I'm continuing with my lectures on "music for theater, television and film" in the Be'er Sheba university, the Sapir collage and more.

  • More updates to come soon.

    October 2007
  • First, I'd like to thank all the viewers and listeners from all over the world for your kind comments. It's really heartwarming! Keep it up!!!

  • Concerning my "mother tongue" project- the Italian model/singer Patrizia Deitos (with whom I worked on a show in Milan about two months ago) had just told me she will lend her voice and talent to my project. I believe the new song will be finished by the end of the year.

  • I am now working on a new play for the "Tmuna" theater. It is called "Me'at Ha'regaim" (the hundred minutes) and the director is Ran Shahaf.

  • Following the success of the tribute show for the Israeli poet Rachel Shapira, more shows had been scheduled for the next few months.

  • In addition to all that, I am working on the music for "the merchant form Venice" by William Shakespeare. The play will premier on November in the Ramat Gan theater.

  • More news & updates to come real soon!

    May 2007
  • Greetings. First of all I'd like to thank all the viewers and listeners from Israel and all over the world for your support regarding this site and its content. Your comments are really heartwarming! Thanks again!

  • In the beginning of May I musically directed the Independence Day national ceremony on mount. Hertzl in Jerusalem. During this ceremony a new arrangement that I wrote to the famous Israeli song "Yerushala'im Shell Zahav" (golden Jerusalem) was played for the fist time. My non-orthodox approach to that song triggered a stream of responses- most of them very complimenting. However, Mr. Eitan Habber, who was the senior adviser for the late PM Yitzhak Rabin, referred to it in a radio interview the next day as a "group rape in one of Israel's most precious songs"… I decided to let you be the judge.
    Click here to listen, and let me know what you think.

  • I was happy to hear that the Czech song "Oh Love Love", from the world music project "Mother Tongue", will appear in an American film. More details soon.
    Click here to listen, and let me know what you think.

  • A new theme I composed to an animated children's show on the BFTV American network, will air in a few months.

  • During the month of May, two new children's plays which I musically produced will hit the stage- "Uri", and "Ha'pupikim".

  • I am about to musically direct a tribute show for the famous Israeli poet and songwriter Rachel Shapiro. The show will feature well established artists alongside upcoming talents.

  • More updates to come soon.

    March 2007
  • First of all I want to thank every one of you people that support and like my World Music Project. The feedbacks and comments from all over the world are really heartwarming. You can check some of them out and maybe post one yourself at: www.myspace.com/effishoshani

  • 3 more new songs were released during the last 3 months. The first one is sung by the great Swedish singer Mimmi Siegel. The second is sung by the great Norwegian singer Sarah Nebel. The third one is sung by the great Persian singer Shahin. The cooperation is heading towards new horizons and connections with some new singers are in progress these days.

  • A new stage musical is about to premier next week in Israel Under the title "Mika Shely". I'm the musical director and arranger of it, so it takes up a lot of my time, but I must say I'm enjoying myself very much doing it.

  • Simultaneously I'm working on the biggest and main Independence Day ceremony in Israel which is going to be broadcasted live from Jerusalem. I'm the musical director and arranger of this event, and I'm very excited about that honorable status.

  • 'Till the next Update- I wish you all the best and don’t forget to keep writing to me.
    Yours --- Effi

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