Efi Shoshani – Theatre and Cinema Composer

Year of birth : 1967

Education: Anzagi conservatorium, Ramat Gan.
Fields of specialty: composition and arrangement.


2011\2012 – the best composer of the year in children and youth theater category

Winner of the Excellency Musician Award

1994 – Haifa 's Children's play Festival for the music in the play “ Don Kihote

The head of the arrangement and the musical conduction of:

  • The musical "Mi Shehalam”.
  • The musical "Mika SheiI”.
  • The musical “Hair”
  • The musical "rent"
  • The musical "Annie"
  • The musical "our house"
  • The musical "ish hassid haya"
  • The children's plays: "peter and the wolf", "The sixteen sheep", "Tickling made of gold".

Working Experience

- Wrote music to many plays among them:

  • Israel 's National Theatre Habima

“The 12 verdicts”, “The inspector came”, “The revolutionary”, “Confession of an actress”, “Needs an ending for a love story”, The tattooed Rose” “Dancing in Valencia ”, Zinzana”, “Ana Faiza”.

Be'er Sheva Theatre

“Youth Illness”, “ Philadelphia , here I come”, “Bertha's piano”, “Prelude for a kiss”, “Autumn story”.

Beit Lessine Theatre

“The captive in the treetop”, Ben Hur and the Rabbi's wife”, “The heiress”, “All of my sons”, “The odd couple”, “Mysteries variations”, “Passion”.

Haifa Theatre

“Mosquito in the head”, “The art of the game”, The father of the house ”,

Hasifriya Theatre

“In the prime of her life”, “Saint Antonio's miracle”, “A dangerous curve”, “The will start after recess”, “Henri the 4 th ”, “Ginkgoes Cohen's dance” “The swan”, The deep blue ocean”, “Demons and ghosts”, “A Jewish soul”, “The prosecution's witness”, “The playboy of the west world”, “The Demon of the woods”, How to love others”, “The hostage”, Vals of the dogs”, “A mistake in murder”, “A swing for two”.


Hasimta Theatre

“Slaves”, Fabrications”, “ Independence ”, “Get quicker”, “Children's game”, “The mailmen rang twice”, “In the wood, in the wood ”.

Hakibbutz Theatre

“Eva and Abraham”, “Wolfonna”, “The mountain of bad advice”, “In the middle of adolescence”, “Forecast for tomorrow”, “Short waves”, “Unknown address”.

Beit Tzvi Theatre School

“A streetcar named desire”, “Singing of the whale”, “Assets owners”, “Mom does not allow”, “Cherry Garden”, “Elsa”, “Blood wedding”, “Skapen”, “ Don Perlimpeline”, “An awakening spring”, Little Ayolef”, “Desires”, “Its mainly important that Tom is ok”, “The one who gets the slaps”, “Extent as against extent”, “Arcadia”, “Orchestra on condition”, “The Caucasian chalk circle”, “Mira'le Efrat”, A hat loaded with rain”, “An ideal husband”, “The hostage”, “The garden girls”, “Hunting pictures in Bavaria”, “Iphigenia”, “Saterday, Sunday, Monday”, “Workshop”, “Fifan”, “Much ado about nothing”, “The plow and the stars”, “Breaking the code”, “Street”, “The last summer”, “Once there was a mattress”, “Unknown remnants of human beings”, The theatre's princesses”, “Riki's Kindergarten”, “The murder of Sister George”, “pictures”, “Linden family”, “Agnes of god”, “There is no justice”, “To talk with…”, “Taming of the rebellious”, “Sealed”, “The silver cup”, “Translations”, “The judgment day”, “The Hollow Manor”, “The taste of honey”, “Army's basic training”, “A love story in three chapters”.

Akko Festival (1991-1998)

“The last demon”, “A musical for Christmas”, “Yechezkel's parrots”, “The royal crown”, “passable”, “My jubilee”.

Haifa's Children's Play Festival

Nami's friend”, “and though the wolf lived with the sheep”, “The devil in the bottle”, “Dani rowing”.

- Wrote music to children's plays among them:

“Little thoughts”, “tickling fairytales”, “Farm mouse and city mouse”, “The tales of King Solomon”, “Do not want to be a king”, “Tickling made

of gold”, “thimble”, “The house that I love”, “The dream repairer”, “The beetles”, “Dani rowing”, Unseen Walls”, “The king went to sleep”, “Hans Christian Anderson”, “Like a can and a mouse”.


- Wrote music to cinema movies:

  • “The Secret Police investigates”, “Addicted to black”, “Humble treetop Palm tree”.

- Wrote music to television productions:

  • A few chapters in the series “Revival”.
  • The series “White journey”.
  • The documentary movies: “My dear Perla”, “Other load”
  • The drama “Ras Pina”
  • The movie “Mimi's hair – cuttery”.

- The head of the musical arrangement in marketing and commercial events:

  • The Israel Oscar for Advertisement 1998 – Channel 2.
  • Cellcum – (cellular phones) marketing event 1997-98.
  • Bezeq – customer event.
  • Tnuva – launching of a product (‘emmi”)
  • Tambur – retailers event
  • Haifa Chemicals – 30 th Anniversary.
  • Hebrew University , Jerusalem – Amateurs and donors event.
  • The lottery – concessionaires event
  • Visa Alfa – launching event
  • Cellcum – pavilion in the 50 th Anniversary
  • Agis - launching of a product (‘Mirena”)
  • Contractors Association - 50 th Anniversary event
  • Coca Cola – retailers event
  • Intel – 25 th Anniversary event
  • Hazera – 50 th Anniversary event
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) – Miss youth 2001
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) – Miss youth 2002
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) – Miss youth 2003
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) –Top Model 2003
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) – Miss youth 2004
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) – Miss youth 2004
  • Tel-ad (Channel 2) –Top Model 2005



  Running Shows:

  • Mika sheli

  • Someone to watch over me

  • The Coffee House

  • Take Me Moris

  • Sent From Heaven

  • Galileo

  • Magical Words

  • Like A Cat and Mouse

  • Don't want to be a Lion

  • Tears Of A Lion

  • Silver Tray

  • Alma's Dream

  • My Wonderful Monster

  • Tomorrow's Forecasté

  • Life Of Andersoné

  • The Bunch

  • Lehayey ha'am haze

  •   Theaters:

      Companies & Organizations:

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